Saturday, January 28, 2012

Excuse me, do you have gray Groupon?

No, no poupon. It is true, the group. This is another marketing, another tool for small businesses. Yeah but not businesses will lose money? I mean, they get only half of the asking price ... How is that good?

Businessmen, noted:
Pay out of his pocket (Groupon takes part of the sale)
Reach hundreds of thousands of new, targeted prospects//
97% of these companies listed may ask that again listed
If enough people log on only to honor group
New customers in your store through the night

While most of us have learned to ignore traditional media, these beneficiary Groupons are usually looking forward to it. I know that, Yes. I bought my last Groupon "Take the Deal and I'm looking forward to my half of the dinner on nothing but noodles. In addition to the Groupon property over night, national presence, others as a takeover agreement and others all did not want to participate in the new marketing party to lend a helping hand to small businesses. In El Paso, TX in the local newspapers and has decided to take advantage of their visitors, local contacts and start their own version of the group.

Deals with range from wine and cheese on a massage, even exhibitions and events. I'd like for this crazy to stay so you can get some nice shops, which may not benefit from normal.

Advertiser: scanned, although some of the shops, which were provided and some were extremely popular. Make sure that you can manage the onslaught!

The success of GroupOn

GroupOn is one of the fasted growing companies in the US; so big it recently refused an acquisition of $ 6 billion from Google. It happened more than good for themselves, to help small businesses build their customers through email marketing.

To test group, you will agree with your product or service discount 50% and allowing them to Write copy and distribute locally targeted mail using their extensive database (40 million dollars). You have the option to specify when the agreement enters into force the laws, based on how many buys, that before it will be respected. In addition, you can buy the CAP to ensure that you don't end up with more business, which can handle at once.

After completing the Groupon property is to use the exposure and the purchase of new customers, but when all's said and done, you earn 25% of the original selling price. For example, that you own massage clinic and normally sold 20 massages for $ 500 (US $ 75 each); spend $ 1125 discounts and group services and end up with 375 dollars in his pocket. One case I do defend this lack of discounts and revenue, but there is a better way?

What you can do better?

How can you have more money, reach the same number of people, and it seems that desperate? Hire a marketing company that can write the copy for you and will provide a database of prospects, which have opted in for email agreement.

In addition, you will receive all the sign ups versus only those that bought prior to the completion of the CAP. Perhaps the most valuable contribution to the creation of their own Groupon property is to be the means of the same marketing company to keep those new and existing customers coming back.

Have the same scenario as above using the marketing firm and spend about $ 649 discounts, copy writing and distribution, and you'll get $ 851 in your pocket. It's 44% higher profits than with Groupon!

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