Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Group now-the new face of local advertising

Let's face it-when you heard that Groupon refused the offer of $ 6 billion from Google had to think about-the pigs get fat, but the hogs. Group certainly looked like in the pig. Come on, the group is not an exceptional service-it's just a local e-mail list with quotes from different companies, which drastically reduced in price with the Groupon property is about half the price. It is a way to keep your customers subscribe to the new companies, which offer, but the question, which will continue to come back, when the offer expires or wait for the next deal of the day from other companies with a better offer?

Group is the number one provider of online daily discounts and has over 70 million subscribers, is anxiously waiting for the deal of the day in the window of their e-mail in 550 markets around the world. This was achieved in just 3 years. But now competitors are sprang up everywhere. Where the group now? Group now!

GroupOn is a new mobile application, which the company hopes that will change the way people eat, shop and play. Now the GroupOn property is revolutionary variations from the current daily Groupon is agreement format-the real time optimization of the agreement. It works like this-when a user opens their Groupon now smartphone applications that will be greeted by two buttons-"I'm hungry" and "bored." Click on the button "I'm hungry" your phone transmits its location on the servers group, and then displays the time of a specific agreement on local restaurants in the immediate vicinity. The offer is special, that discount is good, and only in certain hours in this special day. Group offers in real time with the right to the point-are displayed on the map in your phone. Rather than receiving email in the morning at your desk, displayed to the user agreement, their location via smartphone or access to the Web page of the group.

The aim now is to help eliminate the destruction of the Groupon warehouse-fill in of the President of the hairdresser, who had just had a cancellation, the Find tickets to the North-Central concert at a reduced price, or by filling out the Jimmy's grill terrace on a sunny day. Traders may amend the agreement, change the time and edit the menu, as deemed appropriate-are in the control. All in real time.

It's a game changer for online coupon industry. Before the barrier for entry into the industry have been low-anyone with human beings, a database, Web pages and sales could easily enter the market. Now with the merge location and opportunities through technological change – fraud will have a difficult time catch up with the group.

GroupOn now is scheduled to begin this month. Local advertising to get more locals now group. It seems that he can fly the pig!

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