Sunday, January 29, 2012

Which Is The Best Groupon Script In The Market?

Group buying has become the smartest shopping strategy for customers, especially after the strong hit of the recession when people are looking out for smarter ways to save money in domestic shopping. And this has opened the group buying gate even wider, eventually increasing the scope for growth for the new people who would like to start group buying sites. But the surprise became even sweet when the web developers mutated, got savvy to give ready-made solutions or clone scripts of prominent sites which helps them to go-live within a couple of days without waiting for developing from scratch which will take months to complete. The ready-made solution or the clone scripts allows them the crucial edge which is the time factor, also it brings down the cost without biting into their savings.

Plenty of players including Groupon, Livingsocial have been pioneering in the group buying business by promoting daily deals such as appliances, jewellery, discounts for massage therapy, cheap gym classes, yoga lessons, other local services, products and the list is endless. The merchants achieve really good business and the buyers get the best discounts. Since this Ecommerce sector totally banks on the internet to do business, it allows for easy administration and maintenance; the site can be managed from any corner of the world.

The new steppers are in hot pursuit of the best Groupon clone script, best Livingsocial script etc. The first and foremost question that comes up the new steppers is, "How to find the best clone script in the market". In this business-driven internet space, the following logic points would actually guide you to have a clear understanding, and aid us to select the best Groupon clone in the market:

A website with high technical standards

- Check if the site is developed in Magento the best known Ecommerce Platform with Zend Framework.

Visual attraction

- The look and feel of the site should be catchy and impressive. And the visual design should actually spoon feed the customers while guiding them.


- The loading time of the site should be faster and the layout should be simple, at the same time efficient.

First things first

- There should be magnified visibility for important and utile features and the features of second priority comparatively lower (for eg. In the 'Buy' button at the opening page is of the biggest size)

Social Networking

- The coolest thing in the group buying business - 'the customer himself advertises'! The customer intends to share the deal with his friends in Facebook or Twitter, so that the possibility for the deal to mature increases.

Upgradation and change

- Demands for change will never end. The script should allow you to make modifications in the future as your business grows. For this, you should have 100% unencrypted source code from the web development company. Once you have the source code, it will be easy for us to customize the script according to our needs as and when we need.

Uninterrupted service

Irrespective of whether you possess good technical knowledge or not, it is a must to go for a web development company which assures good post sales service. I got good feedback that Contus Support Interactive - a web development company is providing groupon clone script with very good post-sales support. After reading from a lot of discussion boards and forums, I found this link which was also recommended by few of my friends: This is just a demo which gives us the insight as to what are the features that come along with the script and the real look and feel of how our site will look like once it is installed in our server.

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