Sunday, January 29, 2012

What If Groupon Went MLM?

The unbelievable growth of Facebook has caused quite a stir in the social media. Lately, the founder of the company, Mark Zuckerberg seems to be showing up everywhere. They even made a movie about how Facebook became what it is. It's called The Social Network. It's pretty good and I recommend that you watch it if you happen to use social media at all.

But what most people don't know is that there is another company that's growing even faster than Facebook. That company is Groupon. If you haven't yet come across it, you may want to get out from under that rock you may be living under. But, in the event that you haven't yet heard of Groupon, you will soon. Because Groupon is one marketing company that is literally changing the way local companies advertise.

Here's how it works. Joining Groupon is completely free. No upfront charges, no monthly charges. What you're joining is basically a service that sends out a daily email which contains an offer from a local business. The offer is typically 50% off the regular price. It's kind of like buying a gift card for 50 cents on the dollar. One day you may receive a $50 gift card to a restaurant for $25. It could be a manicure or facial for half price. Restaurants, spas, schools, fitness clubs, dry cleaners... you name. People eat it up because there's no obligation to ever purchase anything but if you want to buy, it's real easy to do so. And every single offer is 50% off or even more.

Groupon is so hot that very recently Google came knocking, throwing $6 Billion around. Groupon said "No, thanks"! Another company with the very same business model recently received a $175 million investment from Amazon. Suffice to say that this business model is causing some major waves. Advertising will never be the same.

Can you imagine how much money would be going into the hands of their associates if Groupon decided to go MLM? If they just paid out 50% of their earnings this year, they would be distributing over a half of a billion dollars to the downline! How many MLM companies do you know that pays out that kind of money? Not many, that's for sure!

Well the news is out. A new company is doing exactly that. And the pay out to associates is much more than 50%. People join the company completely free. There is no obligation to purchase anything... ever! Income is earned when someone actually purchases a gift card. People that join the business opportunity will automatically get the daily email with a 50% (or more) offer. When they decide to purchase one, people above them in their hierarchy get paid a commission. This goes up 5 levels.

The company plans to add social networking by allowing users the ability to actually recommend businesses they would like to see offers from to the company for inclusion in the program. The company will then reach out to the local business to see if they have an interest in advertising this way. And local businesses love the service - that's already proven given Groupon's success.

Knowing that Groupon is currently the fastest growing company on the face of the planet, can you see this company following a similar trajectory? And since it's completely free to join and has no monthly auto-ship obligation, can you see any reason not to join? Either could I, so I did. You can too. Visit my site below.

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