Sunday, January 29, 2012

Understanding Group and how it can help your business

GroupOn is a Web-page agreement day provides unbeatable discounts on goods or services for the people of a particular market. These shops are currently exists in more than 150 cities in North America and in more than 100 around the world. In fact, group-specific features for the location of the coupon each day, and offer only valid, if a certain number of people also buy discount (hence the name and a simple combination of the words "Group coupon").

Group instead of traditional advertising

Traditional advertising requires the business to pay for all costs to lend without guaranteeing any increase in customer base. The results are instant-usually occurs in the course of several weeks, months or quarters of growth. Group your business coupon will be on their home page, Twitter page, and will be included in their daily business e-mail-and if your product or service is attractive, the results are immediate. The Group also has a mobile application for iPhone, Android and iPad users, which means that potential customers can be immediately available.

Many small businesses have experienced an explosion in the growth of the release group. If you have recently opened a café, for example, you can offer a $ 10 coffee only at a cost of $ 5 to the customer. It is the customers in the door of your trade, and from here you can show them why they need to become repeat customers by providing excellent coffee, free Wifi and excellent cookies.

How does the Group

Businesses closer to the Groupon property to the idea of discounted services. Group by features of the trade discount, will handle all the copywriting of the goods or services offered. Companies only pay for the group, if enough people buy goods or services, and the "trade". In addition, Groupon takes a fee of 50% of the total purchase. Finally, most companies say they will end up "breaking even" after all the Groupons, but earns exposure is around 20% in long-term growth, and they are spared the expense the cost of traditional advertising.

Target market

Approximately 70% of the users group consists of young, educated women, and for this reason most discounts include beauty, health or fitness of the service. However, there are often Groupons for restaurants, accommodation or other services (such as the Kickboxing).

Submit Tip

The rumour is GroupOn refuse 7 out of every 8 potential offers from traders that it receives, and group founder Andrew Mason says, is waiting for a list of hundreds in some of the most popular markets group. Therefore, pay close attention to Groupons offered on your market. To reach the Groupon property is the target market, or is attempting to branch to a different demographic? Would potential Groupon the same level of interest? Before you send your idea group, dress a little bit of your idea. For example, if you own, salon, focusing on pet care, "50% discount on Pet Shampooing" may sound not so attractive as a "$ 20 from the Pet style and Grooming Session". GroupOn is just like yours business-will accept only the ideas that they think will make them money. Proposal for a more ideas Groupons for your business and ask your friends, which would most likely to purchase. As soon as it was decided a specific product or service, be sure to take advantage of their skills wordsmith-and good luck!

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